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Trust the Process, Reap the Rewards

Over the last three weeks, we’ve tackled some big questions that begin with – what do I need to:

  1. KEEP doing for my success?
  2. STOP doing to be more successful?
  3. LEARN to reach my goals?

Now, let’s chat about the game-changers for sales performance: Sticking to Your Process and Putting in the Work. Sounds simple, right? But trust me, it’s these basics that really make the magic happen.

Your Process is Your Roadmap

We all get the urge to cut corners, especially when we’re itching to close deals faster or pump up those numbers. But here’s the deal: you’ve already figured out what works for you. Now’s the time to really lean into it.
Find ways to make the work and effort you put in fun!
I’ve been reading Hidden Potential by Adam Grant and on page 95 he says “Redesign the task itself to make it both motivating and developmental.”

Deliberate Play vs. a Daily Grind

Remember, it’s not just about being consistent in knocking out sales tasks. It’s about investing in your career every single day. Find ways to use what you’re passionate about to eliminate boredom stopping you from doing what you need to for sales success.

Reward Check: What’s Driving You?

Take a moment this week to think about the perks of your sales wins. Are they still lighting a fire under you? Small or large is less relevant than knowing how the effort you’re putting in ties to the result.
Keeping your eyes on your purpose, plus the prize helps you stick to the plan and do the work.
Getting clear on what success means to you personally is a game-changer. When you’ve got a handle on your goals, putting in that daily effort feels a lot more meaningful and satisfying.
Consistently doing the actions or activities that you’ve determined WORK for you is what builds lasting success. Dive into these practices wholeheartedly, and you’ll see not just better sales outcomes, but also more joy in your career journey.
Here’s to consistently crushing it!
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