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KEEP going

Last week’s reKick-Off edition of A Chip off the Block expressed that you aren’t starting from scratch, you’re starting from where you were yesterday – backed by everything you’ve already learned and implemented.
This is why this week it’s critical for your success to CHOOSE (yes choose) what you want to

KEEP doing for your success!
If you choose not to decide
You still have made a choice

Those two lines from FREEWILL (lyrics by Neil Peart of Rush off the album PERMANENT WAVES) always come back to me when people say they don’t actually have time to pick and choose: skills, activities, etc. for their own success.

The Myth of “No Time”

A common obstacle sales professionals encounter is the notion of not having enough time to refine or change their approach. It’s a deceptive trap. By consciously choosing what to keep in your repertoire, you inherently make time for what matters most – the skills and activities that drive sales growth.
This week – evaluate your current practices: reflect on the strategies, tools, and approaches you currently employ.

Make a list of the ones consistently yielding positive results!

Neil’s words in FREEWILL resonate deeply with how I think about sales success. Every moment, you’re making choices – actively or passively. Recognize that each decision, or lack thereof, influences your sales trajectory.
As you forge ahead, remember that the choices you make today are the building blocks of your future success.
Be deliberate, be adaptable, and most importantly, be aware that choosing is an integral part of your growth. You’re not just selling a product or service; you’re sculpting your career path, one choice at a time.
Keep choosing, keep growing, and let’s make this a remarkable sales year!
Embracing the power of choice,
ps: next week will be all about what to STOP doing to be more successful.
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