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Who is Lynn Hidy anyway?

Lynn Hidy, founder of, is the expert at creating profitable telesales salespeople and organizations. She knows you can make six figures over the phone – she does it!

Lynn’s 20+ year TeleSales career started with earning a Golden Circle award her first year. Then she moved up to President’s Club status two years in a row. Looking for new challenges Lynn migrated to inside sales leadership roles. Then decided SALES not management was her cup of coffee and moved back!

Working with Lynn you will learn to create a phone experience where prospects forget you aren’t actually having a cup of coffee with them.

More About Lynn

Lynn’s sales and business background allow her to easily work with individuals and organizations in finding ways to help them move from good to fantastic. Most of our clients would tell you that the work we do together is not rocket science, but all of it takes effort.

As a trainer, Lynn takes a real world practical approach to goal setting, skill building, and performance improvement.
As a coach, Lynn asks questions that the client hasn’t considered, or is afraid to ask themselves, and helps to work through roadblocks to find all the answers.
As a consultant, Lynn looks at an organization, asks questions around competency and excellence, and creates recommendations that move the clients’ business to the next level.

Want more detail? Check out her profile on LinkedIn – along with the eBook she created with the Bridge Group on how to get started using it to UpYourTeleSales.


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