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In a world where last quarter’s results are how a team is judged, the fact that 43.1%* of sales reps are not hitting their number is frightening.

Sales reps grapple with the reality that it is increasingly difficult to capture new customers who don’t have the brain power, time, or money to consider new vendors.

Without seeing a clear difference from their current supplier, skeptical prospects ask why change?

With your product and service information readily available on the internet, salespeople who only talk about your company are seen as time wasters.

It’s time to change that! Your quota attainment hinges on resetting both the prospects’ perceptions and their buying behavior.

UpYourTeleSales will train your team to turn product knowledge into problem knowledge – transforming sales conversations to valuable buyer-focused discussions.

We teach your team two critical skills:

  1. where in the buying process to insert themselves.
  2. how to motivate buyers to change.

The concepts and ideas we train are simple, we make conversational qualifying understandable with a plan to implement the new way into your inside salespeople’s every day.

We encourage participation, use real sales world examples, and end with an action item that people can try right away!

The unease at having people off the phone in inside sales organizations PLUS the evolution of understanding how adults learn has pushed us to create shorter sessions:

  • 2 minute skill snap
  • 15 minute quick tips teleclasses
  • one-hour trainings
  • call blitz days
  • and more.

The key is that this method must involve a series of sessions to create behavior change. Because we know if training is attended but behaviors don’t change, you just waste time and money.

Once someone has the ‘how to” down from training – there are still barriers to getting them to change their habits.

That is where coaching comes in. Using an outside sales coach to focus on individual salespeople’s sticking points, goals and objectives can be a game changer.

The coaches only agenda is the salesperson’s success. Coaching conversations allow for honest reflection on actions, behaviors, and performance. Plus determine the first (and next) steps for lasting change.

When coaching salespeople, our efforts together typically produce a 19% increase in sales the six months after they work with us!

Every organization can benefit from an outside, non-judgmental perspective. There are times when being close to the situation doesn’t allow the vision required to make necessary changes.

UpYourTeleSales offers 20/20 feedback for inside sales leaders, departments, organizations, and individuals to help map a quicker course for improvement.

We will work with you to evaluate your existing sales organization or training programs, make recommendations, and align how you talk about your solutions with customer expectations.

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