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Conversational Resistance

A lot of salespeople talk about objections when they’re prospecting – BUT how can someone object if they have no idea what you do yet?
Conversational Resistance happens early in prospecting, for whatever reason they give – the other person is NOT interested in starting a conversation (quick reminder, the UpYourTeleSales definition of a conversation = exchange of ideas between people).
I’m here to tell you, it’s very likely they’re afraid you are going to waste their time. Nobody has extra time. This means if NOT talking with you is an option, people will choose that whenever they can!
Reframe your thinking and see conversational resistance as a normal part of your process. Take the emotion out of your responses.
If you’ve been reading this month, you already have the tools you need!

  1. Acknowledge you’ve heard them
  2. Soften your tone and language
  3. Ask a GOOD question to get them thinking differently

Show that it’s worth their time to talk with you!

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