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Never Underestimate the Power of Acknowledgement

When’s the last time you felt heard – REALLY heard?
One of the top complaints about salespeople is that we don’t listen!
Change this perspective immediately by acknowledging you’ve heard them.
You don’t have to agree with them, what you want is to acknowledge that you heard them AND that their point is valid.
Remember, tone of voice is critical – you have to be caring not sarcastic!

  • That’s fair
  • I hear what you’re saying
  • I understand where you’re coming from
  • That’s a new one
  • I hear you
  • I get it
  • I often hear that / I hear that a lot
  • We typically hear that…. (share when)
  • Wow I don’t hear that very often
  • I’ve heard that before
  • I knew you were going to say that
  • I’m not surprised

It is so important that Judith W. Umlas wrote a book on The Power of Acknowledgment.
One of acknowledgment’s powers is to neutralize, defuse, and reduce. In the case of sales that may help with resistance and negativity. Begin to move someone off their sticking point.
When you take the time to recognize good work; it leads to high energy, great feelings, quality performance, and terrific results. In a sales conversation – the fact is it’s as important to acknowledge the good things you’re hearing as the ones you worry about!
This week start practicing how you can incorporate acknowledging you’ve heard someone into every conversation: personal and professional.
You will begin to see people’s attitudes and moods shift. There is no cost to it – other than your attention.
I’m listening,

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