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BUT how? (make one more call)

In the ONE call can change EVERYTHING Chip off the Block newsletter I said “when you DON’T want to make another call… it is probably the most important time to make ONE.”

To which a salesperson asked – BUT how do you suggest we do that?

Step 1: I usually pick a very specific topic – something that might be valuable to the people I call! Of course, if you do this often enough… you’ll have a library to choose from and can move onto step 3…

Step 2: Then I create my trifecta:

  1. Value-based opening statement
  2. Voicemail on the same topic
  3. Email using my opening statement

Step 3: Decide who to call (if you’re really making ONE call do not allow this to take more than 2 minutes).

Step 4: Dial. The. Phone.

Of course, now that I did the work in step one, I typically make more calls. Since I typically count my dials in blocks of 10… yup I make 9 more calls.

What’s the worst that can happen? I’ve made 1 more call.

The best? I end up having ONE of those phone calls become a conversation that changes everything.

Now – go call somebody!

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