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One call can change EVERYTHING (video)

It may sound bold to say one call can change EVERYTHING. I believe it’s true!!!

One Helpful Person

  • Who answers your question… gives you a name… who is truly helpful.

One Prospect

  • Who answers… who listens… who appears interested AND asks…

One Question

  • That break through of THEM asking YOU a question… showing they really are interested!

One Customer

  • Who calls you… needs something… wants you to win.

One Introduction

  • Tells us nice things about working together… knows people we want to meet… THEY are sharing how awesome we are.

Sales has never been an easy job – hey that’s why we make commission.

Sure, there are days when it feels harder than others:

            You’re tired.

                        You lost a deal.

                                    Your boss is annoying.

                                                You can’t seem to catch a break.

All it takes is one call and all that changes.


Is really all it takes to turn a day around.

That is why when you DON’T want to make another call… it is probably the most important time to make ONE – that call can change EVERYTHING.

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