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Power can be a Powerful Motivator

“The need for power is concerned with making an impact on others, the desire to influence others, the urge to change people, and the desire to make a difference in life. People with a high need for power are people who like to be in control of people and events.”
from an article shared by DK Sinha on McClelland’s Need for Achievement Theory

When I read the above expert, I thought – now that sounds like a motivation definition for Inside Salespeople

Then I remembered it’s only one of the three motivations McClelland talks about –
when someone is Achievement Motivated and the Affiliation Motivator for Inside Sales discuss the other two so lets begin with that in mind… Power may or may not be what motivates someone on your team.

When it is you can be sure:

  • they’ll love to influence and direct prospects and customers.
  • have a desire to help people change: how think think, do business, what vendor they choose.
  • they want to be in control of their own destiny.
  • are looking to create a long term relationship of influence.

It may sound easy, because I’m going to go out on a limb and say as their leader those are the things that drive you. Which means the key will be to take YOU out of the equation and use their own power to motivate THEM.

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