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Preparation is Leadership’s Responsibility!

I was working with a leadership team – it’s a tough year, numbers are down. It’s not that they didn’t see the storm coming… rather the scope and magnitude were under estimated.

If this sounds familiar – you may not like this post.

I do believe leadership is responsible for seeing the storm before it arrives AND making sure the team is prepared. I am not saying that the unexpected doesn’t happen… that is why they call it unexpected.

Your team needs to be prepared regardless of what comes next in the business:

  1. reinforce the basics (what sales skills do they need in good times and in bad to be successful)
  2. expand their knowledge (your industry, about their customers, trends and economic indicators to look at)
  3. look ahead (beyond this month… this quarter, what are their accounts looking at and saying about the future)
  4. where do your products/services fall… MUST have, NEED, can be successful without you, Status Quo will be ok for a while…

These are Don’t Know How in a lot of organizations – in others the team is playing in the sunshine and not worrying about stormy days and Won’t… but before you analyse that, take a look in the mirror.

Maybe it’s you that needs to change and grow to be in a position to prepare your team for whatever comes next.

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