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Training will NOT fix everything!

REMINDER: The ONLY thing training will fix is a knowledge gap! Training will NOT fix everything.

If a salesperson simply doesn’t have a skill set needed to be successful, it is time for you to determine if their Don’t Know How is trainable.

  1. Do they have the base line knowledge necessary to learn the new skill?
  2. Are they smart enough to understand the concepts?
  3. Will they put in the effort to learn the new material?
  4. Is the training available inside your organization or community?

If you answer yes to all four questions, it’s time to send them to training to build the skills they are missing.

It is important to remember that product/service knowledge and sales skills are only two pieces of the training puzzle. There are other things that the people on your team can be trained on to get the results you’re missing.

Individual salespeople may also be deficient in; business knowledge, financial understanding, communication skills, emotional intelligence, industry expertise in your target market, or other areas that affect their ability to be successful inside salespeople.

NOTE: If an inside salesperson has participated in training to overcome a Don’t Know How, yet isn’t changing how they do their job, that particular Don’t Know How becomes a Can’t – organizational / personal, or a Won’t.

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