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productivity challenge – RESULTS

Back on June 12th I threw out a 30 Day Productivity Challenge which means (if you accepted the challenge) you’re two days away from from the date when you get to decide to:

  • STOP, because you’ve figured out what you wanted to and the effort isn’t one you want to sustain.
  • KEEP GOING, your productivity action is one you have incorporated into your every day and you know it will be worth continuing.
  • LITTLE SHIFT, in your 30-days you’ve realized that a slight shift in your productivity practice will give you better results – make a little shift and practice THAT for 30-days, then reevaluate.
  • MOVE ON, what you picked and have been doing isn’t needed any longer. You’re ready to choose your next challenge.

Or perhaps sometime after day 1 and before today you dropped the challenge. It was too hard. You didn’t want it enough. Priorities shifted. You got tired. Something changed and made it unsustainable.

That is ok to… as long as it’s ok with you.

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