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Looking Back with Gratitude

When we look around at all we are grateful for, we sometimes forget to spend a moment and show gratitude to ourselves.

Some people interpret this to mean: be good to yourself. That may be how you show gratitude, but gratitude itself means being thankful.

Clients say to me, “Lynn, I don’t know that I am thankful to myself. I can barely keep up, my brain is overloaded, and mostly I am frustrated at myself for not doing better.”

I know, I know. I can relate. We can be so hard on ourselves.

So, instead, let’s pick someone to think about who deserves a quick thank you.

Can you take a quiet moment or two right now?

Think back in time: to a younger – earlier version of yourself, maybe when you were just starting out in your career.

Think of a time when you:

  • made a good decision that led you to a better place professionally
  • opted for schooling or training that gave you better skills
  • found a mentor who enriched you
  • developed a deep relationship with a customer that led to a strong referral network
  • took a leap of faith that broadened your horizons and opened new doors

These are just a few examples, and I’m sure you can think of something very personal to YOU.

It’s a powerful experience to say thank you to your younger self for helping you get to where you are today (no matter how overwhelmed you’re feeling at the moment).

For me, this exercise reminds me that, all along, I’ve had the practical side that allowed me to evaluate forks in the road along with my risk-taking side that allowed me to go for the scary audacious goal ring when I’ve had a chance.

This exercise also reminds us that we are braver, more generous, more strategic and smarter than we give ourselves credit for. Especially on the days we can think of more that we aren’t doing, than thinking of our accomplishment list.

After all, that was our younger, less experienced self; making all those great choices!

If you went back in a time machine to meet that younger you, what would it be like? Imagine yourself saying “thank you” and giving yourself a big hug.

It’s crazy, but it’s a very satisfying exercise, the thought of giving your younger self some reassurance that they’re doing a good job and that everything is going to turn out okay.

Now that you’ve thanked your past self, it’s time to thank your present self. Chocolate, anyone?

Enjoy this season of gratitude. If I can be of service, I’d be grateful for a phone call to discuss ways to help you and your team.

All my best,

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