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Scarcity vs. Abundance

Well I’m not so sure
About either/or
I’m more a fan
Of both and and
There are times and places
It’s the right choice
But it’s used too often
To slice and dice
When a more thoughtful embrace of mutualities
Can lead to a sea of possibilities
I’m not saying that sometimes choosing this or that aren’t right
It’s just often we can avoid that fight
If we take the time to stand back and think anew
We can often find some creative glue
To tie two or more ideas together
It’s a lot more fun to explore that tether
So let me end with this final expression
Let’s limit its use when we need to make a Decision.

        – by Newell Eaton

I really like what Newell created, especially “When a more thoughtful embrace of mutualities – Can lead to a sea of possibilities.”

The poem got me thinking again about Scarcity vs. Abundance in a salesperson’s mindset.

This week I’d recommend you begin to look at how current market conditions – your sales pipeline & forecast – etc, impact your mindset.

Scarcity: Are you a dragon sitting on its hoard worried that adventurers will come to steal it?
Abundance: As you sit on your hoard, are you admiring each and every jewel?

Scarcity: Supply chain issues mean I can’t ship anything, I’ll never hit quota.
Abundance: Supply chain issues shift my prospect and customer conversations to how their businesses are being impacted.

What are you thinking about right now? Is it worded in terms of Scarcity or Abundance in your head?
Paddling in my own sea of possibilities,

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