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STOP Hiding Behind Email (part 2 of 2) #video

Tone and inflection share your intent.

Different tones, different inflections, different intents. 
Maybe. Or maybe you just sent an email that was read in a flat tone.
Someone didn’t really pay attention to your intention because they couldn’t hear it. 
So, they write it in their own. 
Another boring email from a salesperson.
But that’s not you.
That’s not who you are, is it? 
That’s not who you’re trying to convey to the person on the other end of that email. 
So instead, I want you to realize that although email is a fabulous tool, it’s not the only tool in your toolbox.

You have your voice, and you have visuals now that we have video.
There are a lot of ways to get in touch with someone and get them excited to talk with you.
Excited to potentially work together.
Excited about the idea of an in-depth conversation that’s about them, not about you.
Sometimes that’s the reason our emails get read with that flat bored sleepy tone.
Because it’s me, me, me.

Instead of spending the next seven days agonizing over what that email is going to say, what if you picked up the phone, called somebody, and left a voicemail so they could hear your tone, your inflection, your enthusiasm for whatever it is you do, whatever it is you need them to understand how you can help them.

It’s all about tone.
It’s all about inflection.
It’s all about conveying the person you are and what it’s going to be like to work together.

So, certainly, use email but make sure that you use the other tools in your inside sales toolbox.

With enthusiasm,

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