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Your Success Toolbox

It’s important to have the right tool for the job. The work is so much easier when your toolbox has the perfect tool to help you effectively and efficiently get things done.

Don’t get me wrong, you can use a pipe wrench to drive in a nail… I’ve done it! A hammer is soooooo much easier to use.

Let’s think about all the success tools you can stock into your toolbox.

There are traits that are important when it comes to sales success:

  • Personality
  • Charisma
  • A love of learning
  • Positive Attitude

Those things may make it EASIER to be successful in a sales career, but they aren’t the be-all or end-all.

You also have to look at skills that can be learned and strengthened, perhaps you need a bigger hammer than the one you already have:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Toughness & Resilience
  • Sales Process
  • Listening & Questioning

Which got me thinking about what commonalities I see in successful salespeople, so here is my list of MUST HAVE tools for your inside sales success toolbox:

  1. Work Ethic – you MUST be willing to put in the hard work, whatever is “hard” for you that you know must be done. Someone once told me that “successful salespeople do the things that unsuccessful salespeople fail to do.”
  2. Positive Belief – this isn’t looking at the world through rose-colored glasses – instead, this is the belief you personally can impact a positive outcome on your current situation.
  3. Personal Responsibility – taking ownership of the inevitable sales cha cha, understanding that each step forward or backward is a result of the choice you make. Plus that you can impact the changes before they happen through your behavior.
  4. Stretch Mentality – perhaps this is about goal setting, but I think the stretch mentality encompasses more than that. It is about stretching beyond where you are now up to the next step beyond where you are today; mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.
  5. Curiosity – the most successful salespeople I know are genuinely curious about LOTS of things, it extends into their work! Curiosity about their prospects, their business, their industry, and sales.
  6. Courage – my Dad used to remind me that moving forward in the face of your fear is what courage is, not the lack of fear. It jumped out at me that a lot of sales success comes from doing things in spite of our fear.

Decide what you want to fill your success toolbox with – and start acquiring them.

In the pursuit of success,

ps: when you’ve decided you or your team need assistance with the things that will make them successful, drop me a note and we’ll work together to create a training program to enhance their current skill sets.

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