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Commitment is an inside job

For those of us in the sales profession, we have the visible signs of our work and our “worth” – lists, phone calls, meetings, sales reports, awards, commission, job promotions, etc.

We also have elements of our success that those on the outside cannot see.

Commitment is ONE of those invisible elements of success is.

Can other people see our commitment? They may see the results of our commitment or the way we conduct ourselves because we are committed.

However, commitment is an “inside job.”

When we commit to something – our job, our success, our personal improvement – we are saying that we are in it for the long haul.

We decide to:

  1. Deal with the obstacles
  2. Keep trying
  3. Hang in there
  4. See it through.
  5. Do the daily work.

Oh, there it is.  Work. Daily work.

Commitment requires us to focus daily on what we want and how we’re going to get there.

So I ask you to ask yourself:

  • Am I committed to my own success?
  • Am I committed to being the best I can possibly be?
  • Am I committed to being honest – truly honest – with myself about what I’m capable of?
  • Am I committed to the daily work of setting myself high in my priorities and steadfastly moving toward something better?
  • Am I willing to do the work I know is needed to succeed?

Nobody else can give you commitment.

You can only give it to yourself.

You – no one else – is responsible for this inside work.

When we’re looking at these things that successful salespeople do that unsuccessful salespeople fail to do, committing to that success is part of the puzzle.

What is your commitment gap?

How will you span the chasm?

How can you get there from here?

Finally, thank yourself for doing this inside work. Your future self will thank you, too.


ps. I hope you are sharing my newsletters with your sales team. We all need to hear once in a while that success is more than just a job and a paycheck. If you’d like me to speak to your team and take them through a structured process, I’d love to do that. Click reply and let’s talk.

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