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You’ve GOT this!

I wish I knew who said, “Whatever you’re doing today do it with the confidence of a 4-year old in a Superman cape.” Every time I see it (and the Batman version) it makes me sit a little taller in my chair and smile.

Back in 2012, Amy Cuddy did a TED talk titled Your body language may shape who you are* (note this video is 22 minutes).

Now, while I’m a huge fan of the idea that we can make ourselves feel powerful, for me the most interesting part, over time, has become the other two pieces:

  • Risk tolerance increases
  • Stress reactions decrease

Power without effectiveness will not do anything for you (or me). Being powerful AND effective, basically makes us unstoppable.

This week, stand up – strike the Wonder Woman (or Superman if you’d prefer) pose anytime your energy starts flagging… you’re about to make an important call… you need to bring your BEST game.

I agree with Amy Cuddy, “tiny tweaks -> BIG CHANGES.”

You’ve GOT this!

*After many attacks on the science used to show the Power Pose makes you feel powerful – Amy did more research and in 2018 she came out with her rebuttal, here is the Forbes article about it; Power Posing Is Back: Amy Cuddy Successfully Refutes Criticism

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