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BURSTfocus® = a meeting with myself

“What is our intention for this meeting? What’s important? What matters?” apparently is how Oprah Winfrey starts off every meeting

Since a BURSTfocus® hour is a meeting with MYSELF here are my answers when I’m prospecting:

Intention – to speak with people who’ve never bought from me about something that will make their job easier
Important – being articulate on either voicemail OR with a live person
Matters – growing my business with net new accounts in 2019

That is why I think “time blocking” doesn’t work – when all we are doing is blocking off time on our calendar we don’t have a BURSTfocus® mission – no intention, no decision on what is important, and no decision about why spending time doing the activity we’ve set aside time for matters.

Then we allow distractions to derail us.

Give in to the temptation of instant gratification.

Fritter away the time we’ve set aside.

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