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Emotional Management

You may have see a day like this for a salesperson on your team:

1:47 PM                                this is a terrible day to reach people
1:57 PM                                a human ACTUALLY answered
2:31 PM                                YIPPEE an inbound call!!!!

Before 1:57 PM they’re feeling discouraged, distracted, disgusted.

Emotional Management goes beyond encouragement and creates a team that masters their own emotional intelligence.

Which doesn’t change how they feel – rather it changes how they deal with their feelings!

  • Promoting self-awareness will allow salespeople to recognize how they’re feeling before the emotions derail their sales activity.
  • Having helped your team work on delayed gratification will make the grind take less of a toll.
  • Making sure they craft value propositions using the same language as your prospects and customers do, will make their voicemail and email messages resonate and get responses.

Encouraging your team to cultivate a Dynamic Mindshift mentality! will make it easier for you as their leader to work with them on their emotional management skills.

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