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Declare Your Inside Sales Independence!

It’s time to declare your inside sales independence. To embark on this journey, you first need to define what Sales Independence means to you. Here are a few insightful definitions I’ve gathered over the years:

The freedom to pursue the type of clients you want to work with and walk away from those that are not a good fit.

Kurt Newman

When a sales manager provides his or her team with the training, tools, and authority to find, earn, and make sales without micro-managing, blaming, or shaming.

Sandy Hubbard

They leave me to sell and manage my book of business with loose reigns.

Ingrid Main

Once you define what sales independence is for you, the next step is to prove you can achieve it!

  • To Yourself: First and foremost, you need to prove it to yourself. Believe in your abilities and commit to your goals.
  • To Your Boss: Show your boss that you can thrive with the independence you seek. Demonstrate your capability and reliability.
  • To Your Organization: Ultimately, prove to your organization that empowering you leads to success for everyone.

How? By doing exactly what you set out to do in your definition. Achieve your goals, meet your targets, and stay true to your vision of sales independence.
Sales Independence must be about YOU – not how your boss, your prospects, or your customers treat you. Remember, we can only change ourselves, not other people.
It didn’t surprise me, and I hope it isn’t a shock to you, that the synonyms listed in Merriam Webster online for independence all start with SELF: Self-sufficiency, Self-dependence, Self-reliance, Self-subsistence, Self-support!
Today, take the first step. Define what sales independence means to you – then go out and earn it! Stand tall in your self-sufficiency, trust in your self-dependence, and let your self-reliance shine.
Here’s to your independence!

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