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Take Control of Your (Work) Life

It’s time to stop “shoulding all over yourself” and take control of your life.
The first time I wrote about stopping “shoulding all over yourself” was back in 2008, and I’ve been talking about it ever since.
SHOULD = the beginning of a statement where someone else’s priority or belief comes out of your mouth.
We need to believe. We need to commit. We need to let go.
My experience has shown me that when I’m shoulding… I’m accepting other people’s ideas, values, whatever – as my own, even though I haven’t actually bought into it.
Basically, I’m doing something because someone else thinks it is important. If I’m lucky, I do it well for a while – typically I give up though. If I’m not lucky, I either am filled with resentment or don’t execute the ideas because I don’t believe them.
Today is the time to take stock of all the “shoulds” in your life;

  • What have you added to your mental list of to-dos, that you’ve not actually committed to doing?
  • What are you agonizing over because it is someone else’s goal not your own… yet you’ve bought into it?
  • Where have you accepted other people’s expectations as your own about things that aren’t important to you?

How would it feel to either let them go OR claim them completely?
Taking control of myself,

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