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Applied knowledge is unstoppable!

If knowledge is power, applied knowledge is unstoppable. #LYNNSIGHT

  • One of my friends prefers audio books while carting her kids around from activities, school, etc.
  • Someone else shared that they take a class every month to build on their current skill sets.
  • An inside salesperson voluntarily recorded all their voicemails for a day and then bribed some people to critique them by answering ‘would you call me back?’
  • I saw Salesperson “A” observing a more senior person (not unusual) calling on Salesperson “A” accounts (NOT typical) to hear how people answered the senior person’s questions vs. their own.
  • A leader shared they always have a mentor that they can run things past as a self check.

There are many ways you could choose to improve your inside sales leadership skills. You can even change it up, switching how you learn would be a learning experience in itself.

The key is to have a habit of self-development.

Learn something new every day and then incorporate it into your routine.

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