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Avoiding Distractions is a Super Power

In our world, distractions are the new normal.
Let’s be real, whether it’s the incessant pings of social media, the continuous flow of emails, or even the fascinating conversations overheard from neighboring cubicles, it’s a challenge to keep your eyes on the prize. For those of us nestled in the cozy confines of our inside sales cubicles, distractions are just part of the daily grind.
Here’s something I’ve found, through a very unofficial study among sales colleagues (and yes, my scientist husband would scoff at the sample size), that can really help!
Carve out three one-hour blocks each day dedicated solely to your key tasks. It might seem like a stretch, especially for those of us in sales who aren’t naturally inclined to buckle down for long periods, but trust me, it’s worth a shot.
For instance, when you’re crafting a proposal or dialing for dollars; shut down your email, silence your phone, and dive deep for just one hour.

You might be surprised at how much you can accomplish when you really focus.

Now, when I talk about my personal approach to managing distractions, I swear by these three one-hour slots for making outbound, business-generating calls. I break them down into specific tasks: cold calls, follow-ups with repeat customers, and continuing conversations with current prospects. It’s about quality, focused time, not just being busy.
And, oh, let’s talk about the power of a good old-fashioned notebook. A colleague of mine carries one everywhere. It’s about scribbling down tasks, crossing them off when completed, and reviewing the day’s accomplishments when winding down in the evening.
Whether it’s on a sleek laptop or a well-worn notebook doesn’t matter. What matters is finding a system that helps you stay on track with what’s essential.
So, as you think about sharpening your focus, also think about your priorities.

What are the top five things you need to tackle this week,
to leap forward toward your definition of success?

This could range from scheduling important calls to gathering insights about a potential client. Define these priorities and then laser-focus on achieving them. 

Remember, being busy isn’t the same as being successful.

Sometimes, the key difference between success and stagnation is our ability to sideline distractions and concentrate on what truly matters. So, pair focus with prioritization and watch how they tag team to elevate your performance.
Leveraging BURSTfocus along with you,

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