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The Best Time to Call – Revisit Your Beliefs

If you pop over to Google and search “best times to call prospects,” you’re going to be swamped with results — close to 89 million, last time I checked. No wonder everyone’s scratching their heads over this!
Here’s my take:
Whenever someone asks me about the best time to call, I’m reminded of that old Chinese proverb:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second-best time is now.”

It’s the same with prospecting. Sure, aiming for the ‘perfect’ time to dial is great, but more often than not, the second-best time? Is right now!
Let’s do a bit of fieldwork:
Ignore the noise for a moment and gather your own insights. For the upcoming two weeks, jot down when your prospects and customers actually pick up the call. Track them separately because, trust me, the context changes:

  • Prospects might answer out of sheer curiosity.
  • Customers? They know you, and they’re looking for value.

I’m no scientist, but two weeks’ worth of data won’t unveil universal truths. Yet, it does offer a solid starting point to understand your audience’s habits.
Keep the momentum going:
After documenting those productive call times, stick to them like glue for the next fortnight. See how often you actually catch someone live and check if there’s a pattern that could help refine your calling schedule.
Dig deeper:
Got some initial data? Great. Now, consider the industry landscape. Different sectors might have different prime times for a call. For instance, an office manager at a clinic won’t have the same schedule as an IT director at a factory.
You’re not the only voice they hear:
Remember, just because they answer doesn’t mean you’ve got their undivided attention. Beyond timing, your preparation is key. Quality interactions are the bedrock of successful calls.
Expert advice vs. real-world data:
While expert opinions and industry averages have their place, nothing beats real-world data that you’ve collected yourself. Keep those notes detailed and watch for patterns even after your experiment ends.
Turning wisdom into #LYNNSIGHT, let’s tweak that proverb to fit our world better:

“The best time to call is TODAY.” #InsideSales #LYNNSIGHT

 Why wait for the ‘perfect’ time when you can make a meaningful connection now? And hey, I’d love to hear about the conclusions you draw from your own experiments. What’s your ‘best call time’?
Drop me a line; let’s chat!

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