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Revenue Generating Ideas

While this list of ten ideas may feel simplistic, the goal was to give Inside Sales Leaders a list to choose from and expand on. So here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Create make sure your team has your company’s ideal customer profile THEN work with them to develop a way to ‘hear’ those characteristics when they’re on the phone with them.
  2. Write a recommendation for everyone on your team after they have a BIG win.
    Start by going back over the past year and share what you enjoy about working with them!
  3. Have a clearly defined prospecting methodology that maps out a ‘touch’ every 4 to 7 days over a month for your top prospects… then work with the team to allow them to consistently follow through.
  4. Reinforce: When speaking with prospects and customers everyone involved always talk about what you DO for them…. not what you do.
  5. Read something that will help your team’s target market monthly – then share your top insights about it with the team as well as with both prospects and customers.
  6. Collaborate – who can make what you offer even BETTER for your prospects and customers?
  7. Are you delivering insightful content to attract the people who make decisions to buy what you’re selling OR the people who use what you sell? (you need to do both)
  8. For Yourself: Do at least one thing DAILY that you can directly tie to one of your BIG goals… which means that you have to have a BIG goal that you are working toward!
  9. Before you call a prospect OR customer – know how the conversation will HELP them, and make sure you use language that talks about that result. This of course means you have to be calling!
  10. Make sure you pick ONE thing you commit to doing that you learn today before the week is over and another before the month is over.
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