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You Can’t Manage via Email!

This may come as no surprise but you can’t manage via email!
Now I need you to stop for a moment and think about the last time you did any of the following things:

  • sent a generic team email asking for forecast numbers… without having deal conversations with individuals on your team.
  • started an email with “As you all know”
  • gotten into a habit of sending out a cut & paste version of a metrics/stats report without any encouragement, kudos, or commentary

Here is a little reminder, emailing your team is no different than when your salespeople email a prospect! Let’s translate those examples:

  • sent a bulk email asking prospects “What are you buying next and when?”
  • started an email with “Not that you’ll read this, but”
  • gotten into a habit of sending out a cut-and-paste version of an email without any personalization.

That may seem a little extreme – unfortunately, the reality is, that is how your emails are probably coming across to your sales team.

I know you’re busy! I know you’ve got numbers to hit! I know… I know… I know!

I really do understand the pressures you face.

You can’t build rapport with your salespeople via email, you have to do it with genuinely interested human-to-human interaction.

You can’t build trust with your team via email, it can only be done through demonstration that you are going to do what you say – follow through on your promises – have their back inside the organization – help them with customer issues.

You can’t build caring via email, prove that you care about THEM and THEIR goals – they will probably start to care about you and your goals.

You can’t earn credibility via email, that will come with a combination of rapport, trust, and caring.

Email is a great tool!

  1. to reiterate what was said in a meeting.
  2. to send out metrics/stats that include some encouragement WHEN they also get addressed with individuals and in team meetings.
  3. request more details about something you’ve had a recent conversation about.

As a manager, your ‘pay time’ or ‘customer contact time’ or whatever it’s called inside your organization – needs to be spent with the people on your team. In part, they are your customers now.
All my best,
ps: I do see the irony of sending an email… about when not to use email.

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