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analytics don’t replace call reviews

If you’re regularly doing call reviews with individual salespeople and your team, feel free to consider this a reinforcement to keep doing what you’re doing.

If you aren’t doing call reviews as a regular part of your inside sales management practice my recommendation is to change that immediately!

Analytics are important – number of calls, phone time in minutes, phone time as a % of someone’s day. Yet no matter how you look at numbers, you’re missing huge success indicators if that is all you’re looking at.

What you’re not measuring includes:

  • listening skill level
  • what type of questions are being ask – and what answers are being given
  • how conversational is the salesperson on calls (in relationship to how they sound when speaking with people internally)
  • what are they missing and hearing

Yes you can also get an idea of these thing by being on calls with your salespeople – but it may not sound the same when you’re not there.

Make sure call reviews are part of your management bag of tricks!

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