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Maximizing Inside Sales Conversation Impact: A Dual Perspective Approach

For Salespeople:

In inside sales, the depth and breadth of qualifying information required seems immense. As sales professionals, we need to determine:

  • Does the potential client need our services or products?
  • What are their purchasing patterns and criteria for vendor selection?
  • What differentiates us from their current suppliers?
  • Who are the key decision-makers and influencers in their organization?
  • What objectives are they trying to achieve?
  • etc…

Remember – inside sales primarily involve brief, impactful conversations rather than lengthy meetings.

  1. Accept the limits of a single call: You won’t uncover everything in one conversation.
  2. Anticipate future interactions: View each call as a step towards a longer relationship.

Focus on one clear goal per call. Whether it’s understanding Bob’s role in the organization, gauging the frequency of their projects, or clarifying their purchasing process – be sure to keep your objective singular and straightforward.

… of course if the person you’re speaking with is ready to continue the conversation KEEP GOING 🙂

For your Prospects/Customers:

Your conversation should also consider the prospect’s perspective:

  • What benefit do I gain by answering your questions?
  • How does engaging in this conversation serve my interests?

For example if our sales objective is understanding Bob’s role in the organization:

Instead of bluntly asking “are you the person who makes decisions on ____________” (because if I’m NOT the decision maker, I love to broadcast that to random people I don’t know)

TRANSLATE: “Bob I’m curious – to make sure I do a good job for YOU, what part do you play when the group is deciding on _______________”

Stop asking questions like “Bob what do you do?” (at this point as your prospect I’m thinking, seriously zero homework)

TRANSLATE: “Bob, every company I work with seems to have broken out responsibilities a little differently; what does a typical day look like for you?”

Get the idea? Make it easy for them to figure out how answering your question might help them. How is being in the conversation a good thing from their perspective.

Before your next call, define your objective clearly. Ensure that your approach not only advances you through the sales process – it also has to engage the customer by showing them the value of the conversation from their perspective. This dual-focus approach can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your inside sales efforts.

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