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Lead through their FEAR

In your career have you ever noticed the important stuff is always the scary stuff?

Most of the time I believe we figure that out later, in hindsight. Which is why it’s so important to lead people through their FEAR. Never dismiss it, give the salespeople on your team space to figure out what they’re actually afraid of.

Some fears I’ve heard time and time again are: failure, disappointing someone, being found out as a fraud.

Others are much more individual: not wanting to be accountable for a higher standard if they win OR being put in a spot light and having to speak in front of their peers about the deal.

Instead of going into the conversation to “cure” or “fix” something – be there to listen and support them. Ask coaching questions to lead them through their FEAR to the other side of it. Helping them to be successful now as well as the next time the fear comes up.

You don’t have to understand the fear – only to understand that they’ve got to work through it for themself.

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