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Quick #video #LYNNSIGHT on Planning

The new year is almost here with new prospects and new ideas. Your sales plan needs to reflect that. Don’t just cut and paste last year’s plan into a new document and update the year. 

Ask yourself:

  1. This time next year, what will make me feel successful if I’ve achieved it?
  2. What fresh ideas do I plan to incorporate in the new year?
  3. How will I begin using new ideas… products… services…  information…
    to set mutually valuable meetings? (with both existing customers AND prospects)

Of course, your sales plan involves more than the answers to those three questions. They are a great start to going, and believing the plan is for your success not only something you HAVE to do for your boss.

Before you go, also answer:
What is ONE thing I’m committed to doing before the year closes?

Then revel in the fact you’ll be closer to your next year’s goal(s) before the year even begins.

Successfully yours,

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