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breathe while you’re juggling

I was recently talking with someone about the things that don’t seem to be getting easier or better…

  1. having enough time to accomplish everything you want daily.
  2. keeping organizational priorities in focus (ok sometimes even knowing what they are is difficult).
  3. splitting attention between leading and managing.

TIME – If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you probably know I believe how we spend our time and our attitude are the two things I believe we control.

That doesn’t mean you can necessarily accomplish everything you want daily. To keep your attitude up, it is important track what you DO accomplish, and look at how what was completed moved you forward toward achieving your goals… especially the small (almost microscopic feeling) steps forward that need to happen before you can take the next leap.

PRIORITIES – the thing about organizational priorities is they are not set by YOU, or at least by you alone. Instead of worrying about the NEXT one that is going to come alone – gauge progress of what’s current.

Plus ensure you have your personal priorities ranked in order of importance and make sure you’re making progress there as well.

LEADING – is all about the people on your team, actually everyone around you, focus on how their goals time to your priorities and you’ll keep moving forward.

MANAGING – the tasks that need to be done, need a bit of supervision – if you have new salespeople on your team they may need “how to” assistance. Your experienced reps will instead need prioritization reminders tied to their goals.

if you would like a little more on Leadership vs Management

Never forget that the key to juggling is making consistent throws. Consistency requires calm, rhythmic breathing.

Remember to breathe. Be consistent in the good work you’re doing – and you’ll keep catching!

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