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STOP looking for “the decision maker”

2023 research shows “the average number of stakeholders contributing to a purchase decision is 11.4
in case you’re curious, 2016 it was 6.8… up from 5.4 in 2014.

Instead of looking for the ace, you need to begin to build the best hand.
This got me thinking WHY do I still hear sales leaders asking salespeople about “the decision maker” let alone salespeople asking prospects and customers who the decision maker is:

  • did you talk with the decision-maker?
  • who will make the final decision on this?
  • did you meet the guy who will sign off on this?

If you want the people on your team to change their paradigm you’d better change your questions!

  • who is involved in making the decision?
  • what has to happen in their organization to make a change?
  • what does each person in the process need to say yes to what you’re proposing?

This doesn’t mean you don’t want the ace high, yet that single card alone will not win the hand if anyone else has one pair.
After all in poker the more cards you can align, the better off you are.
Sales has become like poker in that way; a royal flush with all the executives agreeing will beat anything. While you can still win a deal with less than that, as long as your hand is better than everyone else playing.
Keep building the best hand you can!
ps: for more on the research check out “Why making business decisions is harder than ever.”

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