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Help them Keep Score

money = how salespeople keep score

As an inside sales leader, you need to have a way to help salespeople keep score in the inside sales success game they’re playing.

The easiest / most frequently used measurement is money. Because, money is how we train salespeople to know how they are doing: against a goal – their personal income targets – against whatever achievement you’re driving the organization toward.

The key is to make sure each person has something they’re trying to achieve and knows how you’re going to measure their success. Over the years I’ve seen many money numbers used to measure success:

  • profit margin
  • revenue
  • opportunity value
  • commission

The most successful organizations have one thing in common – not how they measure success BUT that they share the WHY behind the use of a particular monetary measurement.

Salespeople seem to buy into the score keeping if they understand the rules of the game they’re playing. Tell them the reason you’re using a particular measurement, why their number(s) are set where they are, and how they can achieve them.

Keeping score for them consistently makes sure they’re motivated every day to move forward.

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