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I double dog dare you…

It always amazes me what children learn, uncover, and invent while they play. I’m smiling while I think about it, let’s consider how playing would impact our inside sales careers:

  • who would you be if you changed work into play?
  • what if instead of struggling you dabbled with new ideas?
  • where you end up by diverting the stress and adapting to the situation?
  • when you let the drudgery go from and interpret the tasks as enjoyable instead would you feel differently about coming in every day?
  • why grind away when you can delight instead?
  • how about relaxing into a conversation instead of sweating about asking the “right” question?

Go ahead and play around with the idea – even if you lose a turn (or two), you can still win at the inside sales game.

I double dog dare you 🙂

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