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Longing is NOT a Leadership Strategy

It’s the 13th of November… there is NO snow on the ground. My pass was purchased in the summer, skis have had their preseason tune, I’ve actually done a little physical prep, I’m longing for the rush I get from skiing.

Merriam-Webster defines longing as a strong desire especially for something unattainable : CRAVING

“How Is Not A Strategy” is a quote attributed to many – today I want to remind you that longing is not a strategy either.

Here is the crazy thing about longing it can appear in your day as worrying, agonizing, stressing out about what ISN’T.

Strategy is about:

  • accepting what the situation is
  • figuring out the gap between where you are now & what you’re longing for
  • diagnosing what’s stopping you from being there RIGHT NOW
  • explore the ways to get around the obstacle(s)

Then making one step, no matter how small toward where you want to be.

So stop longing and get moving!

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