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BEWARE the #InsideSales sugar crash!

Have you ever participated in an inside sales power hour? Where everyone has committed to have a message and call list prepared before starting. PLUS committing to make outbound customer contact dials for the full hour.
When I run them, we use IM for everyone to stay accountable to the group, plus keep on task ourselves.
This is how I know what an inside sales sugar crash looks like!
Dialing along… when BAMN
You have a fantastic conversation, uncover interest… Sugar CRASH

  • instead of putting a note to the side for later and continuing to make outbound customer contact – you stop what you’re doing and gather information for that prospect… tell your cube mates how awesome your call was… go down the research rabbit hole about the contact as well as the company they work for.

You leave 9 voicemails in a row, keep pushing yourself to make more dials *sigh*, and still no one answers… Sugar CRASH

  • all of a sudden your concentration wavers, you click on email and start reading whatever new item is there, then you check Facebook, google something, look at your cell, and POOF 12 minutes or more have gone by.

A prospect not only talks with you but asks for a QUOTE, yippee … Sugar CRASH

  • even though there are only minutes left in the power hour – instead of making one more call, you IM a product manager for help and start to put the quote together.

A Sugar CRASH is anything that distracts you from the task at hand and pulls your attention away from what you’ve committed to doing.
Just like a kid three hours after gorging themselves on their Halloween candy, the wind goes out of your sails and you crash.
BEWARE of the inside sales sugar crash! It is robbing you of both your time and enthusiasm.

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