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Help Your Team Build Solid Connections

If you’re leading a team of virtual account managers chances are you’re scrambling to help them identify, develop, and close new business to finish the year on a strong note.

The thing is -if you’ve got the team focused on closing, you may not be building the solid connections with the people you need to earn their trust… then their business.

Here are three ways to help your team do BOTH!

Stay in Touch: Don’t ghost your leads! Keep a regular chat going to make sure they don’t forget about you.

One of the most common mistakes in sales is ghosting potential leads after the initial contact. It’s vital to keep the conversation going and ensure that your leads don’t forget about you. Regular communication is the key to maintaining a presence in their minds.

Consider setting up a well-structured follow-up system. Have your team send them personalized emails, share relevant content, and check in on their needs and concerns. This consistent engagement not only keeps you on their radar but also conveys that you genuinely care about their business success. Building a professional rapport is the first step toward creating lasting relationships.

Virtually Wine & Dine Them: Get to know what THEY consider top-notch service and support. Then consistently deliver it!

Building strong connections with your clients means understanding what they truly value in a service provider. Take the time to get to know their preferences and expectations. What do they consider top-notch service and support? Once you’ve gathered this information, make it a point to consistently deliver on these expectations.

For prospects who are not yet customers, this involves making and keeping small commitments. Whether it’s setting up a demo, providing a free trial, or sharing informative resources, ensure your team follows through on their promises. By doing so, you not only gain their trust but also showcase your commitment to their satisfaction.

Be the Guru: Share your wisdom with them.

Position yourself and your team as industry experts by sharing your knowledge and expertise with your clients. Offering valuable content, such as webinars, case studies, or product demos, demonstrates that you’re the real deal and not just another salesperson looking for a quick deal.

Webinars are a fantastic way to engage with your clients on a more personal level. You can provide in-depth insights, answer their questions, and showcase your products or services in a more interactive way. Case studies, on the other hand, allow you to present real-world examples of how your offerings have benefited other clients. This social proof can be highly persuasive in closing deals.

This week pick one thing your team already does – and make sure it is happening consistently with the prospects you’d be thrilled to have close before the end of the year!

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