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Asking Actions to Qualify Commitment #video

After posting You’ve Been Ghosted, a comment came in on LinkedIn: how do you qualify commitment?

What a GREAT question! It got me thinking… I teach that trust is built a little at a time as YOU the salesperson make & keep your commitments.

Once you’re working on a deal… project… proposal for a product or service: are THEY keeping their commitments to you?

  • Responding to email
  • Attending meetings… on time
  • Gathering the information, you need to help them
  • Answering when you call

All these actions are signs they are beginning to trust you and are committed to the idea of working together.

My recommendation is you build asking actions into your qualifying process.

Asking Actions are where you intentionally are asking the prospect (or customer for that matter) to DO SOMETHING… whatever is the next logical step for them to take in their buying process:

  1. Gather information
  2. Share contact info of other stakeholders
  3. Outline their decision-making process for what you’re working on

PLUS, ask them what a reasonable timeframe is to get whatever you’ve asked for AND they just committed to doing, done.

BONUS: if you ask, “What roadblocks will stop you from getting _______ done once we’re off the phone?”

Self-assess your deals:

  • Did I ask for action?
  • Did they commit to it?
  • Do I have to chase them OR do they meet their commitment on their own?

Important Safety Tip: remember I just said this is about DEALS, these self-assessment questions about their commitment don’t apply UNTIL you’re working on something that is important to them.

This means all along the sales process you are checking in on their commitment level to you – their trust you are a good choice to work with – on this opportunity.

No different than setting the intention of being trustworthy and building their trust in you, you MUST have the intention of making sure THEY demonstrate their commitment toward working together.

Asking for your commitment to asking for commitment,

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