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The Magic of Building Connections: Sales Leadership Lessons from Little Girls

I don’t know if you’ve notice this phenomena in your world – little girls who don’t know each other meeting and finding ONE thing in common, and instantly saying they’re best friends… love each other… how ever the JOY of connecting is expressed.

They may never see each other again – in that moment, there is magic of the fairy godmother kind.

This week I challenge you to influence your team like little girls make friends: quickly & often! Funny thing is you’ll see these ideas work with prospects as well as for you as an inside sales leader.

Find ONE Thing You Have in Common: Just as those girls find that one shared interest, hobby, or experience, with your sales team and seek the common ground. It could be anything; maybe a similar challenge you both face. This commonality serves as the foundation of your connection-building efforts.

Celebrate It: Once you’ve identified that one thing you have in common, celebrate it! Embrace the shared experience and make it a focal point of your conversation. Share anecdotes, experiences, or insights related to this common ground. This celebratory approach creates a positive atmosphere and shows your genuine interest in establishing a meaningful connection.

Use the Connection as a Basis for Your Coaching Conversation: Just as little girls use their newfound friendship as a springboard for countless adventures, leverage your shared connection as the basis for your coaching conversation. Discuss how this commonality ties into their ideas about success and the goals your team has. This approach makes you more relatable and showcases the idea you’re on their team.

Repeat: Finally, don’t stop at one connection. I encourage you to repeat this process with every interaction. Continuously seek out common ground, celebrate it, and use it to deepen your relationships. Over time, this consistent effort will lead to stronger and more fruitful connections.

In the world of inside sales leadership, building relationships is paramount. Just like the magical encounters of little girls becoming fast friends, your ability to connect quickly and often can work wonders for your sales management efforts. By finding that one thing in common, celebrating it, using it as a basis for your conversations, and repeating the process, you’ll not only forge stronger connections but also increase your chances of every member of your team being successful

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