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It’s OK to Go Along For The Ride

You don’t always have to be the one putting in the effort to move forward! Go along for the ride, as long as the destination is the one you want to arrive at.

It’s funny – sometimes when things are going smoothly and all my efforts are paying off, I start to doubt.

Is it just me?

On my way to hang out with a friend in Burlington VT, I was on the ferry when it hit me. I was absolutely still on my way, but I wasn’t driving or expending any effort physically or mentally to make sure I got to the opposite shore.

In sales, the times when our efforts are paying off and there is a feeling of coasting – perhaps it’s actually that its someone else’s turn to do the heavy lifting. Time to enjoy the ride.

Don’t worry it will be your turn to put effort in again soon, for the moment rest up and let the ferry carry you.

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