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Roll the Sales Dice

full disclosure: my DnD, or Dungeons and Dragons, experience is tangential vs. practical (I’ve only played once… but have lived with a gamer for over 30 years).

What I do know is there are LOTS of options on how many sides your dice can have D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20. So let’s consider that range of possibilities when we roll the sales dice.

Success Calculation: D20

Not to geek out on the math to but a D20 roll carries a 5% chance for each result. What are the things in sales that we give up on instead of rolling with it to see how it turns out?

I’m not saying you should bet your success on a 5% chance, rather determine what the appropriate amount of time – energy – effort makes sense to put in for the WIN…

PLUS calculate what the loss of the time – energy – effort will mean if the roll doesn’t go your way. Then make your choice.

Percentile or Percentage: D10

We use % all the time in sales – chance of winning, gross profit margin %, and on … and on … so roll away.

I’m converting DnD’s “damage” into other words for this sales analogy!

Results: D12

This pentagon is used to calculate what your effort actually results in. Will all the time – energy – effort give you and outright victory… the best part (in my opinion) is that there are TEN other result options other than failure when you don’t roll for victory.

Maybe you win the deal – but it’s delayed. You don’t win the whole thing – while getting a small or substantial portion. Whatever happens – D12 goes well beyond a win / lose scenario.

Effect: D8

One of the things that happens in DnD and sales is advancement. Although for many sales jobs the levels may not be as well defined. The effect of the results you’ve gotten from all your time – energy – effort move you forward.

As you move forward, there are some skills you’ve mastered – others still need work. Roll a D8 to see what’s what and figure out the next steps in your sales education based on what you learn about yourself.

Hit Points: D6 & D4

In DnD hit points represent a combination of physical and mental durability, the will to live, and luck.

I see this as 100% relevant to sales! Mental durability is certainly one of the keys to sales success – roll the dice to see how much you have. Add a D4 roll to add in a bit of luck as well.

I read “The beginner may hope for only high rolls, but knowing how to role with your rolls, whether good or bad, is the hallmark of the skilled gamer.” I think that is absolutely true in sales!

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