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ditch the carrot vs. stick for motivation

here is an idea; Ditch methodology designed for mules and start motiving your team as PEOPLE.

The carrot vs. stick metaphor comes from urging a mule to move forward by hanging a carrot in front of it. While you may think inside salespeople can behave like mules, my recommendation is to NOT treat them that way.

Here is the difficult part, to quote “There is no single motivation theory that explains all aspects of human motivation.” Which really shouldn’t surprise anyone since everyone on your team is a unique person, with different goals, drives, etc.

Which brings us to  David McClelland, and his theory that there are three things people need:

  1. Achievement: defined as the desire to solve problems and achieve goals.
  2. Affiliation: looking at someone’s desire for relationships and reputation, rather than the task itself.
  3. Power: is a desire to be in control of people and events.

One of the reasons I’m drawn to McClelland’s Achievement Need Theory because it takes into account culture and experiences mold what motivates us. Which means you can look specifically at how to use each of the three aspects with inside salespeople.

for more you can read one of the many books David McClelland has authored/coauthored or this article McClelland’s Need for Achievement Theory

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