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Spotlight on Lori Richardson & She Sells

When I am looking at ways to improve – I love to find someone and “pick their brain” to figure out what I know as well as what I’m missing.

I want to share the EASIEST way to pick the brain of an expert on growing your sales team by focusing on inclusion: specifically of women.

How? well buy She Sells: attract, promoted, and retain great women in B2B sales by Lori Richardson

Lori has written you a book that will help increase the numbers of capable women at all levels of your your sales organization – it’s the best way to grow your team, your customer base, and hit your sales targets!

My favorite two sentences are “What it means is that salespeople on your sales team feel respected and heard. They know management appreciates them for who they are and what they bring.”

Lori expands on the idea with practical steps for the inclusion of women at all levels or your team:

  • organizational changes and shifts you need to consider
  • hiring and onboarding great women successfully
  • retention beyond onboarding
  • promotion inside and into sales leadership

Stop trying to do it alone, check out this resource to amplify your teams success.

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