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Creativity out of Chaos

Embracing Chaos and Cultivating Creativity: A New Perspective

Amidst the hustle and bustle of your week’s endeavors. I want to share a personal experience that gave me a fresh perspective on embracing chaos and nurturing creativity, and how it can profoundly impact inside sales leaders.
Back in 2020, my home was undergoing a bit of construction, with my office tucked away behind a plastic barrier. Chaos had descended and as someone who thrives on order, it was quite the challenge.
Enter Mindcamp Wave, the transformative platform that enables creative communities to connect globally. Tim Hurson, a visionary and one of the founders, introduced me to the group. I joined October’s Mindcamp Wave, aptly titled “Brain Waves,” with a focus on exploring the intricacies of our brains and more.
To say that my brain was in dire need of this experience would be an understatement.
During a Friday session, we delved into “a simple exercise in lateral thinking.” For me, it was far from easy! I swiftly realized that my brain has an ingrained habit of seeking a singular, correct answer.
However, after engaging in 45 minutes of immersive content, conversations, and thought-provoking exercises, I felt a shift. My mind became more flexible, slowly stretching its boundaries. Years later I still find it difficult to NOT believe there is one right answer, but I do know to push past it.
Armed with newfound tools, I decided to apply lateral thinking to my feelings surrounding the chaos in my personal space. You may recall, I firmly believe that one of the two things we can control is our attitude.
While I couldn’t alter the construction schedule or the temporary changes in my environment, I could change how I perceived them. And so, I set to work!
Francois Coetzee had said in the Mindcamp exploration, “Possibility lies in diversity.”
Inspired by these words, I refused to be confined to the notion of chaos as my foe. Instead, I asked myself, “What divergent thoughts can I cultivate?” Though the only way to share it with you in a newsletter is linear, my mind didn’t go from where I was to where it ended up in a straight line:

chaos -> dissonance -> improvisation -> jazz -> creativity -> joy

This reminded me – my brain responds favorably to word substitutions. For instance, I replaced the idea of fear with curiosity, and it triggered a significant shift in my perspective.
Now, every time I gaze upon the disorder in my living and working environment, I choose to replace “chaos” with the phrase “an opportunity to be creative.” This simple reframing brings a smile to my face, reshapes my thinking, and releases the knots in my stomach.
But, you may be wondering, what does any of this have to do with inside sales leadership? 

No matter the circumstances within your inside sales universe;
remember that there are
multiple answers and countless paths to success.

When faced with challenges, seek input from a diverse group of people. Remember that the concept of “obvious” varies for each individual, and everyone will possess a unique perspective on the situation at hand.
Moreover, cultivating curiosity rather than succumbing to fear can be a true game changer. Embracing the unknown with an open mind opens doors to innovative ideas and fresh approaches that can elevate your inside sales efforts to new heights.
Of course, your own insights on the matter may differ from mine, and I would love to hear your thoughts. Perhaps there are connections between chaos, creativity, and inside sales that have eluded me.
Wishing you a week filled with inspired thinking and remarkable breakthroughs.

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