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Unlocking Excellence: Cultivating Habits

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle encapsulate the essence of personal and professional growth.

As inside sales leaders, we strive to achieve eminence, to be the very best in our field. But how do we? The answer lies in the power of habits.

Let’s debunk the notion that habits are a dirty word. In fact, habits are a remarkable asset, enabling us to perform at our best without excessive mental effort. They create a space where our actions align effortlessly with our goals. Instead of viewing habits as mundane routines, we should embrace them as catalysts for excellence.

Consider Thought #1: Habits eliminate the need for constant deliberation. We all know that thinking can be exhausting, and our preference is often to avoid it whenever possible. Habits allow us to operate on autopilot, ensuring we consistently deliver our best work. They free our minds to focus on higher-level tasks, driving innovation and strategy rather than getting bogged down in the minutiae.

Thought #2 brings to light the significance of results. Habits become valuable when they yield the outcomes we desire. Just like perfecting the practice of Taijiquan, the art of inside sales requires the same dedication. Regular practice, refinement, and a commitment to perfecting our habits will lead to the permanent achievement of excellence. It is in the conscious cultivation of these good habits that we find our true potential.

However, not all habits stand the test of time. Enter Thought #3: Habits can become detrimental when they no longer serve our purpose. As inside sales leaders, our goals may evolve, and what once brought success may now hinder our progress. It is crucial to evaluate our habits regularly, assessing whether they align with our current objectives. Adapting and refining our habits to match the changing landscape ensures continued growth and achievement.

As we mature personally and professionally, our strategies must evolve. Negotiation tactics that worked when we were seven years old to get our way, will probably NOT be effective in the complex world of adult work dynamics. By recognizing the need for different strategies and adjusting our habits accordingly, we empower ourselves to navigate new challenges and find innovative solutions.

So, are you in the excellence habit?

Reflect on your daily routines, behaviors, and actions. Are they aligned with your vision of what success looks like? If not, embrace the power of habits, and consciously cultivate those that will propel you toward your goals.

Excellence is NOT an overnight accomplishment but a result of consistent, purposeful action.

As inside sales leaders, we have the opportunity to inspire those around us, to create a culture of excellence where habits are nurtured and celebrated. By embodying the Aristotle quote that started this journey, we can ignite a collective pursuit of greatness. Let us forge a path where excellence is not an exception but a habitual way of being.

Are you ready to unlock your potential and lead with excellence? The choice is yours.

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