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If you hold on, you can’t move

Most people I know want to be productive. They get up, get ready for work, and would like to have a day that when it’s over, is full of feelings of accomplishment.
Many days, unfortunately, end without that feeling.
I’ve noticed there are several types of boulders that people hold in place:

  • Yesterday: something happened in the past, instead of leaving it there it’s added to the things they carry with them into work. In the worst case, they keep reliving it – with all the emotions that came the first time.
  • Annoyances: every day there is a good chance something will not go the way you want (*shocker* I know). Consciously or unconsciously some of those things will induce eye-rolling, perhaps even bitching & moaning.

    PLUS, if you go into interaction with people expecting to be annoyed (see yesterday’s bullet) you probably will be.
  • Fears: rejection, missing, losing, failure – no one can’t tell you what you’re afraid of, that takes a bit of introspection. Chances are you already know what it is (they are), but may not realize exactly how your every day is impacted.

Funny thing I noticed after reading my top three list – all the boulders are emotional, not actual THINGS. Yet they are the heaviest things we each carry around. Maybe that needs to be the point of today’s Chip off the Block:  

Take the time to release your emotional boulders!

Because, if you’re currently holding something IN PLACE you can’t be moving forward. Or at least moving forward is much harder than it needs to be.

Make the decision to:

  • move beyond yesterday.
  • let go of annoyances.
  • release your fears.

NOW set that boulder down. You’ll be amazed at how light your day will feel!
Moving right along,

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