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before Productivity…

Right now, what “should” you be doing (rather than reading this week’s Chip off the Block newsletter)?
I put “should” inside quotations purposefully to remind you – whenever I hear that word it almost always indicates someone else’s ideas, beliefs, or priorities are seeping into the brain.
Why begin with “should” before talking about productivity?
I’m so glad you asked!
The reason is no one willingly puts time – attention – energy into things that aren’t important to THEM…
In fact, the time – attention – energy that is available decreases (perhaps exponentially) due to:

  • Annoyance
  • Resistance
  • Eye Rolling
  • Complaining

sucking away some (if not all) of the
time – attention – energy that’s available.

This means you FIRST need to choose a course of action around every “should” in your life…

  1. Let go of your feelings of “should” and embrace whatever thing you’re supposed to be doing as important to YOU.
  2. Have a conversation with the person who tasked you with the “should” about the result they’re hoping for. Perhaps you’ll get rid of the should OR maybe you’ll explore another way to achieve the result together.
  3. Do something else: damn the consequences and do what you believe to be important. Realizing there will be consequences: good or bad, from this course of action.
  4. Something I can’t even imagine: 1 – 2 – 3 may read like a “should.” Feel free to decide on your own path and walk it.

Since this is a newsletter for inside salespeople, managers, and leaders: the action I’m going to recommend you take is about work. 

Productivity = Time + Attention + Energy

The first three definitions of productive in Merriam-Webster online seem to be made for sales:     

     1.   having the quality or power of producing especially in abundance
     2.   effective in bringing about
     3a. yielding results, benefits, or profits
       b. yielding or devoted to the satisfaction of wants or the creation of utilities

Take the time to look at what you’re working to produce, bring about, yield in the course of your day… week… month… quarter… year… career.

Time: how will you leverage the time you spend working to produce?
Attention: what will you bring about by focusing your attention?
Energy: where will you expend energy to yield the results you’re looking for?

Ultimately productivity is measured in results; proving the time – attention – energy that was used, was truly worth it.

Productively yours,

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