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Camps of Thought

As I was reading Think Again by Adam Grant my brain kept coming back to the idea of Camps of Though (page 169 in the hardcover version).

The idea he presents is that one way to change a conversation is “to overcome binary bias, a good starting point is to become aware of the range of perspectives across a given spectrum.”

When it comes to introducing a new idea or concept to prospects/customers – have yourself in a place where you believe there are many potential ways they’ll react. Take yourself beyond YES vs. NO and GOOD vs. BAD.

The book uses climate change as it’s example “Believers represent more than half of Americans, but some are concerned while others are alarmed. The so-called nonbelievers actually range from cautious to disengaged to doubtful to dismissive.”

Step 1: Take some time with your team this week to discuss all the possible ways your prospects/customers could think of something your salespeople bring up that is NEW or DIFFERNT to the way the people they’re talking with do business today.

Step 2 is to then craft some questions that will allow the prospect/customer to begin to think about that NEW or DIFFERENT idea, without having to commit to a binary BLACK or WHITE answer.

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