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Do you care?

In last week’s A Chip off the Block: Going from Duh to Do – the listening edition, I said 1st you have to care about what the other person or people in the conversation have to say.

I was talking about sales conversations… yet the same is true for every sales leader and manager.

Here are some random observations about caring to listen:

  1. you have to care about the conversation – more than what you were just interupted from doing.
  2. even if you don’t particularly like the person – you have to care about their sales success.
  3. no matter what you think of what they’re saying – you have to care enough about the person to listen.
  4. even if it feels like the 10,000 time you’ve heard “it” – to move forward you have to listen (again).
  5. to listen, you will have to stop what you’re doing.

This week take the time to stop what you were doing, take a breath, let them talk, and actually listen

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